Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wraps
Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wraps
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Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wraps


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Nano-Tec Infrared Boot Wraps have been developed to help re-energise and maximise your horse's athletic performance potential.

The super soft Nano-Tec Infrared liners can help flush away toxins, reduce lactic acid build up, increase flexion range and decrease recovery time. The outer boot works to alleviate strain on the tendons and ligaments as well as to help reduce swelling. Made from our Air-Tec ventilated neoprene they will keep your horse's joints and tendons cool during use. An easier and quicker alternative to pressure bandaging. Also an alternative to traditional travel boots. Can be used on both the front and hind legs.

SIZE GUIDE: Small- 13.3HH - 14.3HH Medium- 15.0HH - 16.2HH

Please Note! Sizes are for front, you may have to up a a size for hind!